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Heated Driveways for Des Moines and Surrounding Areas

The coldest month in Des Moines is January, with an average overnight temperature of 22.5°F.
Average annual snowfall is 35 inches.
Earliest measurable snowfall: October 10, 2015 (1.1 inches).
Average daily high temperature December thru March is 37.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
The annual high temperature is 60.3°F.
The annual low temperature is 41.4°F.
December is the snowiest month of the year, averaging 9 inches.

Snow Melting System Benefits

Heated driveways and radiant snow melting systems offer a variety of benefits that extend far beyond the obvious advantage of eliminating the need for manual snow removal. Electric snowmelt systems are easy to customize, resulting in options that make a heated driveway a realistic possibility for homeowners. Radiant heat is no longer a technology that is only enjoyed by affluent Americans. Today, heated driveways and floor heating systems are realistic options for most homeowners looking to add convenience and/or luxurious warmth and added value to their home.

Not having to shovel snow or purchase large bags of salt are certainly appealing side effects of owning a snow melting system, but there are several other advantages of radiant heated driveways and sidewalks. Warmzone’s electric snow melting systems operate silently and are maintenance free. There’s no need for a mechanical room as with hydronic systems (which Warmzone also provides).

For over a decade, the ClearZone snow melting system has proven to be one of the most reliable and easy to customize snow melting systems on the market. Construction professionals have grown to trust the system, just as they have grown to trust Warmzone. We are focused on providing the best customer service in the industry, which is why we have so much repeat business from contractors and installers.

ClearZone heat cable being installed for heated driveway. In addition to our wide selection of proven radiant heat products, Warmzone includes professional system design and layout, free installation training and installation support. When it comes to customer service and technical support, no one beats Warmzone.

Heated driveway systems are fully automated, which is especially attractive to business owners. If a snowstorm hits at 4:00 a.m., there’s no need to run down to the facility and flip a switch or hire a plow to ensure the walks and parking areas are clear of snow and ice. The automated system will activate when storm conditions are present and eliminate any snow buildup. The systems also feature an “afterrun” function, whereby the system remains on for a short period after the storm to dry the surface and prevent ice from forming. Needless to say, the added safety of an automated snowmelt system grants business owners with peace of mind. Anything that reduces the chances for slip and fall accidents and the litigation that follows makes for a smart business decision.

Automated snow melting systems use three basic components: the heating cable, an advanced snow sensor (activation device), and a controller or contactor panel. When the sensor detects precipitation and the temperature is below the adjustable set point (usually set at 39°F) it signals the contactor panel. Power is then sent to the resistance heating cable to warm the surface and prevent snow buildup.

Many consumers also appreciate that the systems operate silently and cleanly on renewable energy. If you’ve been using salt and snowmelt chemicals to keep your sidewalks and driveway free of ice, you’ve likely noticed that the runoff tends to kill bordering grass and shrubs. Unfortunately, the runoff from salted driveways also runs down the gutter where it can continue its harmful effects. It also poses a hazard for neighborhood pets. With radiant heat, there is no harmful effect to neighboring grass and plants.

Custom Options Make Heated Driveways an Affordable Reality for Homeowners

Snow melting system installed to heat sidewalks and patio. Warmzone snow melting systems are easy to customize. While many customers choose to heat their entire driveway, several other design options are available that are much more affordable.

Some options include:

● Heat a narrow strip (typically 8 feet wide) in the center of the driveway.

● Heat two 24-inch wide tire tracks. This not only brings installation costs down, but also greatly reduces the operational costs.

● Heat specific or problem areas, such as the inclined portion of a driveway or areas that are constantly shaded.

● Radiant heat can also be installed in virtually any type of custom application you need. Heat a narrow dog run or a strip in the middle of a sidewalk, or steps, etc. Regardless, a system can be installed to meet your very specific needs.

Our radiant heat experts have been designing snow melting systems for almost two decades. Given the ability to customize these systems, the professional design team has produced thousands of unique designs and layouts to accommodate the vast demands of our customers. We’ll work closely with you to provide the system that best meets your performance needs as well as your budget needs. We’ve provided snowmelt systems for everything from major government projects, public transport systems, runaway truck ramps and more. And customers can be assured that every project is approached with great care to ensure that the best system components and design is incorporated.

Call and talk with a snow melting system expert today and see what your options are. You can also send us your project information and receive a free quote. Call 888.488.9276 today.